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Whiskey Steaks - Online Ordering
Fort Collins

Prime Sirloin


10oz hand-cut

Meat Temperature:Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done Pittsburgh
Side One Choices:Baked Potato Cheddar Mashed Cream Corn French Onion +$2Mac & Cheese No Side Polenta Risotto Roasted Vegetables Side Caesar +$2Side Fries Side House Salad +$2Side Wedge Salad +$3Sprouts Sweet Fries
Toppings:***Add 1 Crab Cake +$6***Side Garlic Shrimp +$6***Add Lobster Butter +$8***BACON WRAPPED +$4***Bleu Cheese "Still Style" +$3***Bourbon Cream Sauce +$3***Fried Egg & Hash Brown +$3***Sauteed Onion +$3***Shrooms +$3
Food Allergies (If none click "add to cart"):***Dairy Allergy ***Egg Allergy ***Gluten Friendly ***Milk Allergy ***Peanut Allergy ***Shellfish Allergy ***Soy Allergy ***Pepper Allergy